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Cyberabad Police Reward Mela

Hyderabad 19thFeb’20 (PMI): The Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad Sri.V.C.Sajjanar,IPS and Smt. P.Rohini Priyadarshini, IPS, DCP Crimes, Cyberabad conducted a reward mela today on 18.02.2020 with PPs/Addl.PP/APP, IOs, SHOs, Liaison officers and court constable officers of all Police Stations of Cyberabad city. More than 100 officers attended the meeting. The entire process of briefing of witnesses and protecting evidences in co-ordination with public prosecutors was analyzed. The Commissioner of Police appreciated and rewarded  PPs/Addl.PP/APP, IOs, SHOs, Liaison officers and court constable officers total 73 who have done good work.

The prime object of the meeting is to increase the conviction rate and decrease the acquittal rate with the coordination of Police and Prosecution Agency.

It was also attended by all Zonal DCPs, Addl. DCP Crimes, ACPs of Cyberabad city.

Quarterly results of convictions for the period of November 2019 to January 2020



Name of the Zone 10 Years 8


5 to 7


1 to 3 Years Upto 6 Months and Fine Total
1.   All Cyberabad Zones 2 1 3 38 27 71

Following PP/APPs, IOs and SHOs of Cyberabad Commissionerate were rewarded for their outstanding work

  1. K. Raji Reddy, Addl. PP, MSJ/I ADJ Court, LB Nagar
  2. V. Buchireddy, Addl. PP, Sessions Court, LB Nagar
  3. C. Ramu, Addl. PP, DJ/IInd ADJ Court
  4. Nageshwar Rao, Addl. PP, ADJ Court, Kukatpally
  5. Venkateshwar Prasad, Addl. PP, VIII ADJ court LB Nagar
  6. B. Ramnath Goud, Addl. PP, IInd ASJ court Mahaboob nagar, I/c ASJ court, Shadnagar
  7. Ganga Reddy, APP, I/c VII ADJ Court, LB Nagar
  8. P. Manjula Devi, Addl. PP, IXth  ADJ Court, Lb Nagar
  9. R. Raghavendar, APP, JFCM Shadnagar
  10. J. Gopal, VIII AMM, IX MM, X AMM, XI AMM court, Kukatpally
  11. G. Raghavender, APP, XXIII AMM Court Medchal
  12. Deepa Rani, APP, JFCM Court Parigi, I/c I & II Spl. Rajendranagar
  13. Suguna Devi, APP, XXI AMM Court
  14. Saritha Rani, APP, JFCM Kalwakurthy
  15. Zubedha, APP, IX AMM Court, Kukatpally
  16. Mahaboob Ali , Addl. PP, Sanga Reddy Court
  1. Sri Muthyam Reddy Addl.DCP, SB, Hyderabad
  2. Srinivasa Rao, DSP, (PTC Amberpet)
  3. S. Venkateswarlu,  SIP, (RGIA PS)
  4. Ramana Kumar, Addl.SP, ACB, Hyderabad
  5. N. Narsimha Reddy. DSP (TSPA)
  6. Rajashekhar Reddy, Inspr. OU City
  7. C. Harishchandra Reddy, Inspr.CCS Nampally
  8. R.Narsimha Rao, SIP, (RC Puram )
  9. A. Sreedhar Kumar, Inspr., Shadnaga
  1. G. Suresh, Inspr., Rajendranagar
  2. P. Yadagiri, Inspr., Alwal
  3. Md. Waheeduddin, Inspr., Balanagar
  4. B. Ravinder, Inspr., Chandanagar
  5. A. Ganga Reddy, Inspr., Jagadgirigutta
  6. M Praveen Reddy, Inspr., Medchal
  7. K. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Inspr., Sanathnagar
  8. J. Ramesh Kumar, Inspr., RC Puram

The participants in the programme were Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad Sri.V.C.Sajjanar,IPS., C. Ramu, Addl. PP, DJ/IInd ADJ Court, DCP Madhapur Venkateshwara rao, IPS., DCP Crimes Rohini Priyadarshini, IPS., DCP Balanagar Padmaja, ADCP Crimes Indira, CCRB ACP Ravichandra etc. Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad Sri.V.C.Sajjanar,IPS appreciated  all CDO’s, IO’s, SHO’s, APPs and PPs for good convictions in criminal cases. CP asked them to focus on technical issues. Thanked all the stake holders. (PMI)

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