Saturday , May 8 2021


Hyderabad Dec 4 (PMI): The PRO Cyberabad released a press note and advice to Citizens first  Don’t search for any courier company Customer Care contacts in Google, secondly Use the services of toll free numbers of courier companies which are connected to IVR systems to track the courier lastly Never submit any details of UPI ID (like User ID & Password) and internet banking credentials in the phishing links sent by the fraudsters.

According to Press Note the Cyber fraudsters from Jamtara District of Jharkhand state has started a new fraud in the name of providing customer care services for different Courier services and cheating the citizens to the tune of lakhs of rupees.

The cyber fraudsters from Jamtara district post their mobile numbers as the customer care service numbers of different courier companies in Google website.

 If any innocent customer who is waiting for a courier (either letter or parcel), search for the customer care service contact details of that particular courier company in Google. During search they get the fraudster numbers and they fall into the trap of the cyber fraudsters.

On calling on those fake customer care number, the cyber fraudster collect all the details of the courier including the courier tracking number. After this, the fraudster start tracking the parcel and once it gets delivered to the customer, he calls the customer and   informs the customer that the courier got delivered because of their continuous efforts. Once the customer believes the caller/fraudster to be genuine, fraudster asks them to pay a nominal amount of Rs.10/- by sending a Google link and ask them to fill the banking credentials or UPI credentials from them. After which, the fraudsters start transferring the funds from the bank account of customers into their e-wallets with the credentials shared by the customers through the above link.

         In a recent case reported in Cyber Crime police station, Cyberabad the complainant searched for Trackon Courier services in Google and called the wrong customer care of Trackon Courier and asked to track his courier by furnishing all the details. Once the parcel were delivered to him, the fraudster suggested him to join in Prime Membership of their Courier service for immediate delivery and asked him to pay Rs.2/- by sending a phishing link. In order to take premier services of Trackon Courier the complainant opened the phishing link and submitted his Google pay credentials. Due to which, the complainant lost an amount of one lakh rupees and  the fraudster transferred the funds from the bank account of the complainant to his wallets by using the Google pay credentials submitted by the complainant.

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