Friday , September 30 2022

City Traffic cops get cooling vests

Hyderabad, May.22 (PMI): Asian Institute of Nephrology has taken the initiative for the upkeep and wellbeing of Telangana traffic police by offering Hyzesst cooling vests as a part of its corporate social responsibility program to cope up with the intense summer heat. The vests were handed over to Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy by Dr Mallikarjuna C on May 16 at the Police Commissioner’s office.

    Talking to reporters after distributing of cool jackets to traffic police, Traffic Joint Commissioner of police, Dr Ravinder said this jacket keep the body 6-12 degrees celsius lower than the ambient temperature for 3-5 hours, depending on the humidity in the environment.

The product is very simple to use Dip! Squeeze! Wear!! The uniqueness of the product keeps the wearer dry even after dipping in water while also keeping the wearer warm in winter as the product can be used without dipping in water.

The product has a wide range of health benefits like maintaining normal body temperature in extreme heat conditions while neutralizing the effects of outside core temperature and it keeps in check heart rate elevation, thermal and cardiovascular strain, decreases dehydration, enhances tolerance levels and decreases rate of exertion, it added. The products are well-researched and tested for safety and performance, ensuring user’s experience is relaxed and performance oriented.

The product can be used by various people ranging from Bikers, drivers of various vehicles, athletes, military personnel, medical professionals, construction workers, agriculture farmers, airlines ground staff and transportation workers. (PMI)


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