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‘Chinese troops can enter into occupied Kashmi

China media has warned India that its forces can enter Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
Beijing:- The scam sector between China and India is being tensed with stress. Despite China’s numerous warnings, Indian troops are not ready to withdraw from this controversial region. China responded to real-time warfare near the Sankh Sector, but announced its expansion.
Recently, a publication in China’s official daily newspaper called “Time for a second lesson for forgetful India” is said in a statement that India is trying to cross our borders while trying our patience. The Chinese government media warned India that if they did not stop their movements, Chinese forces could enter Pakistan’s occupied Kashmir under the desire of Pakistan and the empire.
The Chinese newspaper has written that India should leave the vacancies and keep the defeat in the 1962 war. It was believed that India had suffered heavy losses and financial losses in the fight for almost two weeks. Chinese forces had entered Indian boundaries for several kilometers.
The Global Times wrote in its editorial that Indian security adviser is the brain of Ajit Dowlo behind the current tension between China and India and Indians are keeping it in agreement that there will be solution to current conflict with China’s visit to China, but it will not happen. .
The editor has said that dialogue can only move forward from India when Indian forces will get out of this controversial area and China will remain on its own. The Chinese newspaper warned that if India’s security adviser Ajit Dwul tried to make any kind of deal, India’s hands would not take anything. China will not even leave an inch of its land. The Chinese newspaper wrote that four times more of our defense budget is not only the power of our power.

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