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Chandni slain by boyfriend for refusing to end affair

Hyderabad : The mystery surrounding the death of teenage Intermediate student Chandni Jain of Miyapur was unraveled with the arrest of her boyfriend Sai Kiran, who was accused of resorting to the extreme step for allegedly pestering him to continue their relationship and even enter into wedlock.

The teenage accused was produced before the media on Wednesday by Cyberabad Police Commissioner Sandeep Sandilya, who explained how the life of a “very good” teenage girl was ended due to infatuation turning sour among young minds.

It may be recalled that the decomposed body of 17-year old Chandni Jain, a resident of Miyapur and XII Class student studying in Silver Oaks School, who was missing since Saturday was discovered near the hillocks of Ameenpur on Tuesday. Following the complaint lodged by the parents of the girl, the police formed as many as 12 special teams to search for her. The police, apart from interrogating her close friends and also scanning the CCTV footage, found that the girl was seen going along with a boy.

The investigating officials after an inquiry from friends of Chandni Jain found that the girl, who was very outgoing and of friendly nature, had even befriended many persons. However, after scanning the CCTV footage, the police, with the help of the call data from her mobile and also from the inputs provided by her friends, found that she was very friendly with her close friend Sai Kiran.

The police, who questioned all the friends of Chandni Jain, including Sai Kiran, found that there was discrepancy in his statement. According to the police, Sai Kiran had informed them that at the time of the reported missing of Chandni Jain, he was playing cricket. It was found that it was a false statement.

The investigating officer said, on further grilling, Sai Kiran stated to have confessed to murder his long-time girl friend Chandni Jain “as she was pestering him to continue their relationship and even suggested entering into wedlock though he had lost interest in her and wanted to distance himself from her”.

Police said Chandni Jain and Sai Kiran were friends from Class IV to X. Though they joined different schools, their friendship continued for the past five years. However, Sai Kiran seemed to have lost interest in her after getting over the initial infatuation and tried to distance himself from her. However, Chandni seemed to have persisted that they should continue their relationship and even wanted to get married.

During the investigation, the police seemed to have found that Sai Kiran, in a desperate attempt to get rid of Chandni Jain, had invited her for a talk and both of them had met at the Ameenpur Hillocks. It was alleged that when Sai Kiran had tried to convince Chandni to break their relationship, the latter persisted that it cannot happen. Thereupon, Sai Kiran, in a ill-temper, hit her on her face and other parts of her body. After she collapsed, he ascertained that she was still alive and pushed her down the hillock resulting in her death.

While explaining the sequence of events that led to the death of a teenaged girl, the Cyberabad Police Commissioner exhorted parents to keep a close watch on their teenaged children and ensure that they do not fall a prey to such infatuation.

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