Tuesday , September 27 2022

Bazm-e-Firdous-e-Adab Members Has Elected New Patron, President and Others

Hyderabad, Sep 9 (PMI): According to senior member  of  Bazm-e-Firdous-e-Adab Syed Mohammed Mujtaba (Anwar Jafery) the executive body members are elected unanimously in a meeting held on 8th September 2017 at Aashiyana-e-Razia, Panjetan Colony, Dar-ul-shifa, Hyderabad.  The elected executive body members are Janab Ibrahim Ali Hami Patron, Janab Mir Mumtaz Ali Danish President, Janab Ahsan Shikarpuri Vice president, Janab Syed Taqi Gulbargvi General Secretary, Janab Ali Jawad Shahper Secretary, Janab Turab Ali Turab Organizer (Muntazeem) and treasurer  Syed Mohammed    Mujtaba (Anwar Jafery).

Thirty years ago the founder of  Bazm-e- Firdous-e-Adab Late Dr. Mir Sadiq Ahmed Naqvi also known as Dr. Sadiq Naqvi had started  Mahfil-e- Madheh Ahlebait (A.S) on every second Friday of calendar month in which only Radeef is  given to the poet. Later when he had decided to migrate to United State of America, he had handed over the responsibility of the Mahfil-e-Madah Ahlebait (A. S) to Shayere Asghar- e- Be- Sheer Janab Syed Mohammed Mujtaba (Anwar Jafery) and since then the Mahfil-e-Madhe Ahlebait (A.S) is continuously organized by him at Aashiyana-e-Razia Panjetan Colony Dar-ul-Shifa Hyderabad.

Mr Anwar Jafery conveys his thanks to all the Poets who are attending and reciting their kalam (Manqebat) in   Mahfil-e- Madh-e- Ahlebait (A.S). He also expressed his hope with all the poets (Shura-e- Karam) will attend the Mahfil regularly in future also. (Press Media of India).

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