Friday , January 24 2020
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Senators ‘nap & play in Trump impeachment trial

24 January, 2020 By SJA Jafri + Agencies WASHINGTON/ MELBOURNE: US senators have been accused of falling asleep, playing games and breaking other rules during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Jim Risch and Jim Inhofe are among members who have apparently nodded off during the lengthy hearings. Crossword puzzles, fidget …

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China battles to prevent coronavirus spike

24 January, 2020 BEIJING/ NEW YORK: China is battling to contain a deadly coronavirus in its Hubei province, as hundreds of millions of Chinese prepare to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Beijing and Hong Kong have cancelled some major festivities to prevent large crowds gathering together. Wuhan and other cities …

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Democrats roll out case against Trump’s impeachment

23 January, 2020 WASHINGTON: US House Democrats opened marathon arguments in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Wednesday, trying to convince sceptical Republican senators to join them in voting to remove Trump from office to “protect our democracy”. Trump’s lawyers sat by waiting their turn, as the president blasted the …

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