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Australian coaches recognize efforts of PSB’s Karachi Centre

By SJA Jafri (Courtesy Messenger)

MELBOURNE/KARACHI: Alan Jones, 77, the world most famous former coach of the Australian National Rugby League has said that young athletes should learn how to face hurdles during unsuitable conditions, lack of sources and inapt circumstances while to overcome all challenges they must realize the examples of those countries where there is nothing but their players get highest targets and titles for their country because of their own will, ego and self-struggle.

Jones was talking to the new players and their coaches at Suncorp Stadium Brisbane yesterday at the end of first session of current season. ‘This correspondent’ really surprised when Alan Jones referred Pakistan and Pakistani players and presented an example of Karachi’s Coaching Centre of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and said that it comes in knowledge through media reports that there was no facility available at PSB Karachi Centre but during last 4 to 5 years, the young players, their coaches, officials and organizers arranged all preparations on ‘self-help basis’ while the new administration allowed, encouraged and facilitated them and now those Pakistani players especially kids are not only achieving their targets in sports nationally but also participating in international events.

It is mentioned here again for record of Messenger’s readers and all concerned authorities that another famous Australian female cricketer and coach, Cathryn Lorraine referred and documented the sports activities of PSB’s Karachi Centre last month.

Meanwhile, masses across the globe have started to acknowledge the contribution of ‘Coaching Centre Karachi’ formerly known as National Sports and Coaching Centre and demanded PSB to adopt the setup of Karachi for Peshawar, Quetta and Lahore centres for the betterment and well-being of young Pakistani players.

They have also appreciated Karachi Centre’s Acting Director, Rafique Pirzada over his outstanding and extraordinary performance towards new comers especially oppressed players without any cast, create, culture, religion and discrimination.

Talking to Messenger, dozens of Pakistani players, coaches, students, sports lovers and community representatives those live in Australia wished PSB and hoped that Pakistani players will restore their precious and glorious reputation across the world in Squash, Hockey, Boxing and Cricket while if the other concerned public as well as private organizations espouse and beacon light to follow the pattern of Karachi Centre, the Pakistani players will definitely come forward in other games too and they will illuminated the name of their country.

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