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All-India Kuruma leaders hail KCR on sheep distribution; CM explains about program

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has said so far 23.80 lakh sheep were distributed among the Golla-Kuruma communities in the State. For all those who made a mockery and questioned from where 80 lakh sheep will be procured to be distributed for the program, the sheep so far distributed should be a befitting answer, the CM said.

The Chief Minister made these remarks when a delegation of Kuruma leader from all over the country, who came to participate in All India Kuruma Conference met the KCR at Pragati Bhavan here on Monday. The delegates have congratulated the Chief Minister for implementing the innovative sheep distribution scheme for the welfare and development of Golla Kuruma communities.

       Among those who met the Chief Minister included Revanna (Minister for Transport) Karnataka,  Mahadev Jankar (Minister for Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, Maharashtra),  Ram Shinde (Minister for Water Conservation & BC Welfare),  Bandhappa (former Minister, Karnataka),  Tula Uma (Z.P. Chairman, Karimnagar),  Prakash Varthur (M.L.A, Kolar Constituency, Karntaka), Dinesh Mohaniya (Vice-Chairman, Delhi Water Board), Saithan Saippal (Presiden, All India Pal Mahasabha), R. Krishna Swamy (Tamil Nadu Kurma Sangam) B.K. Ravi (Registrar, Bangalore University), K.M. Ram Chandrappa (General Secretary Kurma Sangam), Karnataka,  Suraj Hegde (AICC General Secretary), V. Rama Rao (M.L.C, Maharastra), Veera Bhadraiah (Advocate, Bangalore),  D.K. Pal (Secretary Shepard Federation), Yegge Mallesham (President Kurma Sangam, Telangana), K. Srinivas, Devar Rajashekar, Sheera Srikanth,  B. Narayana,  V. Shanker,  Suresh (Principal Secretary, Animal Husbandry),  Laxma Reddy (M.D. Federation), Kalyan (O.S.D to Minister) and others.

       The delegation expressed happiness and congratulated the CM for initiating several programmes and schemes for the upliftment of their community and other backward Classes and supporting their cause. They said these schemes and programmes are very innovative and great. On this occasion, the CM has explained to them various schemes, programmes launched by the state government for the development welfare of the BCs in general and Golla Kurumas in particular. The CM said he had been in the public life for 40 years and led the Telangana statehood movement and hence he would know what exactly people need. “If one does good for the people will greatly benefit but by not making mere words but only strong actions”, he said, adding that he has clarity on what people want and need.

During the Telangana agitation, the CM said, he had spent hours together with national leaders from all the political parties explaining to them in detail why a Telangana separate state was needed. After 14 years of relentless struggle, the Telangana State was achieved and he had done a deep study on what good should be done to the people, the CM said. He said it was necessary to study about Telangana during the separate statehood movement and the study continued even after coming to power on what should be done to the State. Under the united AP rule nothing good was done to the region or else there would not have been any problem. With the natural resources provided by mother nature, there was nothing one cannot produce and the opportunity should be properly utilized by both the national and State.

Explaining about the sheep distribution scheme, the CM said Yadav community was crores in number in the country but yet we are importing meat. He said in Telangana State there are about 35 to 40 lakh Yadav community people and their profession is rearing sheep. But yet the State is importing 650 truckloads of meat and in Hyderabad city alone 35 Truckloads of meat was being imported on a daily basis, which is shameful. A deep thought and study was done on how to stop this import of meat and as a result Rs 4,500 crore worth scheme was planned. As part of the plan, it was decided to distribute 84 lakh sheep in the State in the next two years. So far 23.80 lakh sheep were distributed as part of the program.

 He said the government has resolved to tap and develop the human resource of the Golla Kuruma communities. The CM said after two years, in Hyderabad, All India Shepard Community Conference will be held and by then the Telangana Shepard community will become the richest community.

            The CM said in the past no one ever understood the problems faced by the farmers and hence the suicides. He said for the first time, a step is initiated to organise the farmers through the Farmers Seva Samithis. Rs 8000 per acre will be given as an input subsidy to farmers from next year. If farmers, Shepard community, Milk producers become economically strong, the Stare’s economy will be robust, he added. In this context, the CM announced grant of 10 acres of land for construction of Golla Kuruma Hostel and Rs 10 crore assistance. For all those BC candidates who cannot win from the direct election, they can be accommodated in the Legislative Council. The CM had lunch with the delegation at Pragati Bhavan.

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