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‘95% of sectarian violence worldwide focused on Shias only’

Another Pakistani Human Rights Activist in hot water

07 September, 2019

By SJA Jafri + News Desk

MELBOURNE/ KARACHI: Ninety five percent (95%) of sectarian violence all over the world was focused on the Shia community, according to a report released by Global Extremism Monitor (GEM).

The report was published by Tony Blair Institute for Global Change on Thursday and called on the world to fully engage in a battle of ideas with the extremists on an emergency basis to halt the spread of violence.

According to the study, Pakistan was on a list of countries most affected by violent religious extremism despite lying outside the major conflict zones.

A well reputed, credible and largely circulated Pakistani English newspaper “The Express Tribune” published the above report on September 14, 2018 (

As far as the data collected by the Press Media of India, Messenger & National concerned, 100% of sectarian violence globally focused on Shia Muslims only and if any of non-Shia Muslim murdered, he or she either considered as the supporter of Shia Muslim or beleaguered when the Shias are being targeted anywhere across the world while being a senior journalist and victim (myself/ this correspondent/ SJA Jafri) and having world worst record of Shia target killing, enforced abducting, kidnapping, torturing, abusing, missing even innocent children, women and aged & ill citizens in Pakistan especially Karachi & Quetta and according to my personal data which is collected during last 30 years through direct involvement in field, practical professional journalistic work & experience in different styles & masked faces, the anti-Shia, anti-Islam, & anti-Pakistan ‘elements’ (including, LeJ, TTP, Daesh/ISIS/ ISIL, al-Qaeda, JeM, TuE, JeI, SSP, BH and all other national & int’l organizations/ groups those have created & launched for just the ‘one’ motive, goal and task known as ‘Shia Target Killing’/ ‘Shia Genocide’ nothing else, and as far as my data is concerned, they have martyred over 700,000 Shia Muslims only in Pakistan since 1947 and this ongoing killing series is not only continued till today but in the history of country, the killing, kidnapping & missing of women has also been started during last one & half year but neither this most sensitive and alarming issue could be reported by Pakistani ,media nor the Pakistani previous and present government, security forces, LEAs, PEMRA or all other concerned and relative institutions are allowed media even accept to debate, discuss, print, broadcast, indicate or listen a single world in this connection but, once again, the PMI offers all people of the world, a cash award of one hundred million US dollars, if anyone (Individually or collectively) challenges and proves that this report is incorrect, erroneous or wrong even not only a single word of this report but changes a coma or full-stop in entire story otherwise the claimer would have to pay the same amount, its called “journalism”.

PMI/ Messenger have received another story yesterday and one can easily understand that what is happening in Pakistan with Shia Muslims.

PMI has no right to change a single word of the story received on 06-10-2019 in which Dr Khadim H. Dahot writes;

I am an Advocate of High Court (Lawyer) and Founder Trustee/ Managing Director of the “Sewa Development Trust Sindh-SDTS”, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education, health and empowerment to the underprivileged and underserved women, youth and children, through live-streaming technology and provision of learning facilities in far-flung areas in Sindh province of Pakistan. SDTS is the organization having special consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council- UNECOSOC since 2014.

Since last 16 years, I am doing in peaceful manner uncover any of the numerous human rights violations perpetrated in the area; to report abuses; family members of victims of human rights violation, to expose and fight violations; being a lawyer I stand up in court to defend them; and being professional human rights worker to work to end human rights violations in the country.

I am working for the rights of deprived and marginalized communities for peace and social harmony to counter violent extremism and have initiated many innovative and important activities in extending shelter support and help to the poor, needy and vulnerable families, building leadership skills for rural youth of Sindh, building peace projects, strengthening international relations, promoting education and health for all, and empowering youth and women and developing new peace and humanitarian leaders, create awareness regarding universal declaration of human rights, fundamental rights and UN convention, treaties to sensitive civil society workers. I have conducted hundred of capacity building trainings for community, trained youth on active citizenship, peace ambassadors and ilm-ambassadors, supported more than 2 million families in social development and legal support.

I lectured and a staple invited speaker throughout the Africa, United States, southeast and Asia regions on issues of peace, humanity, youth, inter-faith harmony, education and international diplomatic relations in 13 countries. He has received many awards for his works for a more peaceful and humanitarian work.

-context in Pakistan for Human Rights Defenders

In the context of Pakistan the situation for Human Rights Defenders is not good, many human rights defenders including lawyers, advocates, journalists and civil society workers being harassed and attacked, according to report of Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch and other Human Rights bodies reported situation of human rights defenders in Pakistan as more critical, to intimidate, harass and arbitrarily detain human rights defenders for online comments. Enforced disappearances were widespread; impunity was prevalent. Blasphemy-related violence claimed the life of a writers, advocates& student, triggering rare condemnation from the government. Large demonstrations took place in support of blasphemy laws, which were used to convict people expressing opinions online. Unidentified assailants attacked journalists. Minorities continued to face discrimination in the enjoyment of economic and social rights. Killings of women continued in so-called “honour” crimes, despite the 2016 law criminalizing the practice.

Bloggers, journalists, lawyers, activists and other human rights defenders faced harassment, intimidation, threats, violence and enforced disappearance. The five bloggers who were forcibly disappeared and activists who campaigned for their release were subject to a smear campaign accusing them of being “blasphemers”, “anti-Pakistan”, “anti-Army” and “anti-Islam”. Human rights defenders criticized on television and on social media faced death threats, forcing some to self-censor and to seek protection for their physical safety.

I had received many threats since last 16 years but those threats, this time on 31 Aug. 2019 it was attacked over my house by a mob on the instigation and in the name of blasphemy specially in the days of Holy Muharram (in the month of Holy Muharram, the Muslim belongs to Shia Sect, morn the incidents of Karbala and unite for rallies, agitations, the sect people become are more aggressive and violent, if they may communicate any disinformation in the name of blasphemy).

Me and my family life is in danger due to an attack by a mob on 31 Aug. 2019 at about 11:00pm night over my house, while chanting slogan of a sect, used abusive language, caused fists and kicks blows to me, my father and other family members on intervention of neighbors and some Police constables the mob went away, while issuing murderous threats to me and my other family members, such fact was immediately reported to concerned Police authorities for maximum legal protection and lawful action against the involved culprits, but neither protection has been provided to me or my family nor any action has been taken by the Police or other authorities in Pakistan. I am Muslim and my family belongs to Shia Sect. There are influential who are instigating the mob to abuse, harass and humiliate me because of my social affiliation and raising voice of deprived people, the influential have strong political and religious support, taking benefit on 31-Aug. 2019 in presence of Police officials mob forcefully installing Alam Pak (a holy flag) just in front of my house door, just because to divert the motive of the attack they claimed a land dispute. The reason is the influential (feudal) are against my social and humanitarian work, they do not accept that I work for community awareness and social services in the area, in the name of sectarian violence; they attacked me and my family to bow before them and leave the social work.

At the time of attack over my house the local media journalists reached at spot and reported the incident news in newspapers published in daily newspapers dated 2 Sept. 2019 and on social media (facebook and twitter) the new on facebook got viral and sympathy, demand for protection messages from across the world posted.

This attack was well planned violent attack, before this various murderous threats also received, on 23.2.2004 an application was submitted before District Police Office Khaipur, on 18-9-2018 an application was submitted to Deputy Inspector General of Police Sukkur for the case registration and legal protection but all in vein, because the accused have strong Political and Religious support.

Now the threats are extreme high level and need urgent action, the culprits started messages publically with allegations of Blasphemy, personal character assassination, targeting social NGO, in the name of Sectarian violence. (All their online messages are placed on social media).

My pictures and protests can be viewed and download and click link at

About Sewa Development Trust Sindh work please click link:

– support need from Human Rights Organizations

I need support from Human Rights Networks of the world that to spread my message to human rights bodies/organization to generate international voice to protect me and my family life. The local Pakistan newspapers reported the attack in the papers, online on social media the attack was viral national level, but Police failed to provide my security. The HIC members share and post online my case on their webiste, pages to call international attention, which create pressure for Govt. of Pakistan to protect my life, liberty and property.

Or any organization or human right country took step to shift me and my family temporarily in another country.

I am confined in my house; my kids neither go outside nor cannot go to schools. I Appeal United Nations, National and International Human Rights Bodies to rescue and save me and my family life, I am in serious trauma and my kids can’t go to school in threat, the culprits are free to walk and can do anything at any time. My life, liberty, property and honor are on stake at the hands of mob on pretext of false sectarian issue. Dr. KHADIM H. DAHOT, MA, LLB, PhD, Advocate High Court; Managing Director, Sewa Development Trust Sindh-SDTS,

We can write here more much about “Shia Target Killing & Shia Genocide worldwide especially in Pakistan but will hold the details as per journalistic ethics and will wait the response of opponent and claimer (s) until next 72 hours after the publication of this news story as per global press ethics.

It is worth mentioned here for all the masses of the world including all presidents, prime ministers, parliamentary members, elected or selected representatives, individuals, groups, organizations, departments, diplomats, politicians, pundits, claimers, opponents, anti-Shia & anti-Islam characters, culprits, criminal organizations and terrorists networks especially all immigration authorities. Judiciary officials, LEAs, secret services personnel and security forces across the world that when they (you) considered the press releases, statements, handouts and all other types of official references as record, accept them as true and confirmed, while, most of them have already been proving either fake, against truthiness and reality or totally against the facts (as reported by independent world media and reports issued by global organizations during the last twelve years just because of the obligation of PMI/Messenger’s reporting and for which the concerned reporters/journalists would have to keep their necks & heads under the sword for the last thirty years for searching the reality and collecting of data/figures not only in Pakistan but over 44 countries of the world) and the Shia Target killing & Genocide incidents are increasing nationwide and the kidnapping, enforced disappearance of Shia people including children, young girls and women have rising day by day, hence, the law and order situation in the Pakistan become most worst and neither the print nor electronic even social media allowed to highlight any news regarding this issue then you are just like a ‘wild, hungry and mad dog’ have been barking continuously day & night and you have also been insisting, debating, arguing and claiming as the spokesman/woman of the Pakistani government or Pakistan which usually deputes in foreign office…..WHY? Why you become the part of wrongdoers, oppressors, criminals, terrorists and corrupt politicians….? Are you child or know nothing, this is not your responsibility to cross check the reality….? Really you don’t know that three prime ministers and a president of the ‘Islamic republic of Pakistan’ and an air chief, hundreds of members of parliaments, LEAs, security forces even secret services, thousands of politicians, especially prominent social workers, renounced human rights activists, world most top doctors, intellectuals, scientists, lawyers, engineers, priests, teachers, professors and over seven hundred thousand (700,000) Shias have not only been assassinated, murdered, martyred, enforced disappeared, missed since the emergence of Pakistan till today??? While, the parallel impartial reporting has been elaborating the real facts and have been proving the real face of the country and have been flashing that what has happened with Shias and is being at present but neither you are ready to accept the reality nor consider the true reporting and if you only accept the ‘fake, incorrect and wrong official statements, press releases, reports and handouts then why not you are ready to accept the reporting for which over 1400 journalists would have to lost their lives?

Really, if you don’t know this fact then shame on you, you don’t deserve for your specific work, any relevant assignment, to take any decision in this regard and you are strictly advised to know the reality first that what has happened yet and what is being happening globally with Shias and you are also suggested on humanitarian basis that keep yourself away with this issue and don’t comment until and unless to be a deserving person otherwise, keep remember you must have to face as ‘history repeats itself’ and an idiom lauds “as you sow, so shall you reap”.

For the kind consideration and information of all connecting establishments, that an agency already been established and quite ready to take an instant legal and against the law action against all opponents/ claimers who remain fail to prove their challenge or firm that this story is incorrect and the agency will take them into their custody and they must have to follow the trial as per the agency law not only in Pakistan but across the world because neither the agency will allow anyone to play on this world most sensitive, teasing, burning, curbing, astonishing and alarming issue nor in is permitted as per int’l law so, one should not only be careful but also keep him/herself in limit that’s why failures themselves would be treated as the real culprits and the killers of Shias deliberately and intentionally and they must have to face the punishment and now all this kinds of joke, rubbish talk , worthless debate, nonsense claims, mockery and silliness communication must be ended and this chapter should immediately be closed  as claimed by agency officials through sources.

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